July 14, 2024

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Israel Philip Fragrances raises the perfume standards high

Israel Philip Fragrances are fragrance connoisseurs that offer luxurious and authentic perfume to mankind. Perfumes aren’t merely a fragrance but a reflection of your personality. With brands like Israel Philip Fragrances, authentic luxury perfumes are just an order away. They provide only certified Parfum grade products and follow standards set by The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and ISO, ensuring high quality products for their consumers. Raw materials created from natural cultivations and concocted into various eclectic formulations are used to curate signature fragrances. Perfumes from Israel Philip Fragrances contain natural essential oils that are certified as per ISO 9235:2013. It avoids usage of added colorants, additives, and diluted products like Eau de Perfume, Eau de Toilette & Eau de Cologne. All the perfumes are cruelty-free products as they aren’t tested on animals and they also have vegan compliant perfumes. The fragrances from Israel Philip Fragrances are Paraben and Phthalate free and certified by the Indian Directorate of Drugs.

The majority of the Parfum grade products are imported in India that adds up to the cost of the product, making it challenging for perfume lovers to own one. With Israel Philip Fragrances, you can now own your favourite Parfum at pocket-friendly prices. Their Signature Gold Collection comprises Montpellier, La Rochelle, Avignon, and L’Orient. The management is planning to launch their Platinum and Black collection range within a few years in India. With a mission to provide qualityrich luxurious scents, Israel Philip Fragrances is strengthening its research process.

Backed up by a team of dedicated and creative professionals, Israel Philip Fragrances is proud to have set an industry benchmark and a great brand following in a short span of time. Their Signature Gold Collection currently available in India are created by world-famous perfumers namely Olivier Gillotin, Marion Costero, and Guillaume Flavigny.

Olivier Gillotin says, “When I create, I think of an emotion I want to convey and I challenge myself to try novel approaches.” A few other creations by these fragrance creators are DIOR, Jimmy Choo, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Elizabeth Arden and other luxury fragrances. 

Israel Philip Fragrances is moving forward in the journey to revolutionise the Indian personal care market with high-quality products for its consumers. It also envisions creating a brand portfolio that will add value to all the stakeholders. The team at Israel Philip Fragrances believes in inspiring and empowering people through its exclusive range of luxurious perfumes. 

Visit https://israelphilipfragrances.com/  to know more about the products and services. Don’t forget to check their Fragrance Knowledge Hub. Israel Philip Fragrances products are also available on Amazon India and Flipkart.