April 24, 2024

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Hozier is open to a strike against AI’s impact on the music industry.

Irish musician Hozier has expressed his willingness to participate in a strike over the potential threat posed by artificial intelligence (AI) to the music industry. Currently, Hollywood actors and writers are engaged in a strike to advocate for improved contracts and safeguards against AI usage. Hozier mentioned that he would consider joining similar strike action within the music sector. He also raised doubts about whether AI could be considered “art.”

The Grammy-nominated artist, renowned for his song “Take Me to Church,” indicated that he sees AI as incapable of creating based on human experiences, leading him to question whether it truly qualifies as art. While actors and writers have been vocal about AI’s impact on their industry, musicians have yet to rally against the technology’s potential to compose songs or mimic established artists.

Notably, a song utilising AI to replicate the voices of Drake and The Weeknd was withdrawn from streaming platforms due to copyright concerns. Hozier suggested that if there were collective action in response to AI’s threat to music, he would stand in solidarity.

During the interview, Hozier also reflected on the legacy of fellow Irish singer-songwriter Sinéad O’Connor, who famously protested child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church by tearing up a picture of the Pope on US TV in 1992. Hozier indicated that sensibilities have evolved since then and that his debut single’s message, criticising the church’s teachings on sexual orientation, remains relevant.

Hozier’s upcoming album, “Unreal Unearth,” partly inspired by Dante’s Inferno and his pandemic experiences, is set to be released on August 18. In his only UK broadcast interview prior to the album’s launch, Hozier discussed these topics and more, providing insights into his views on AI and his evolving perspectives on societal issues.