April 24, 2024

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Heavy rainfall strands thousands at Nevada’s Burning Man festival in the desert.

After a heavy downpour of summer rain hit the Burning Man counterculture festival, the previously mired pathways gradually dried up, allowing tens of thousands of festival attendees to begin their departure from the northern Nevada desert. Organisers commenced traffic flow out of the main road at approximately 2 p.m. local time, all the while urging attendees to delay their exits to alleviate traffic congestion. Roughly two hours into this mass exodus, organisers estimated a wait time of about five hours.

Simultaneously, event organisers asked attendees not to exit the Black Rock Desert, located about 110 miles north of Reno, on foot, as some had done during the weekend, including celebrities like DJ Diplo and comedian Chris Rock. However, they did not provide a specific reason for this request.

On the preceding Friday, heavy rainfall totaling over half an inch led to widespread flooding and the formation of deep mud, prompting the closure of roads to vehicles. These road closures occurred just before the planned commencement of the festival’s ceremonial fires, which traditionally signify the festival’s conclusion on Saturday night.

Weather conditions appeared favourable, with expectations of clear and dry weather at the festival site on Monday, though there was a possibility of light rain showers passing through on Tuesday morning. The event, which began on August 27 and was originally set to conclude on Monday morning, required attendees to pack up and clean up after themselves.

Despite the challenging muddy conditions, festivalgoers remained in high spirits, embracing the unique experience it offered. The Burning Man festival, initially held on a San Francisco beach in 1986, typically draws nearly 80,000 artists, musicians, and activists for a combination of wilderness camping and avant-garde performances. Disruptions have become a part of the event’s recent history, including dust storms in 2018 and cancellations during the pandemic.

While at least one fatality was reported, organisers clarified that it was not weather-related and that investigations were ongoing. President Joe Biden was informed about the situation, including the reported death, and the White House remained in contact with local authorities.

A group of festivalgoers successfully manoeuvred their rented RV out of the festival at dawn on Monday, surmounting multiple obstacles over two days. Nevertheless, the overall mood among attendees remained optimistic, with many expressing their intention to stay for the ceremonial fires and other festival activities.