July 18, 2024

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Daisy Goodwin accuses mayoral hopeful Daniel Korski of groping

Novelist and television producer Daisy Goodwin has made an accusation against a Conservative mayoral candidate, alleging that he groped her a decade ago. Goodwin disclosed to The Times that in 2013, Daniel Korski, who was a special adviser to then-Prime Minister David Cameron, sexually assaulted her by placing his hand on her breast during a meeting held at 10 Downing Street. Korski vehemently denied the allegation, stating that he rejected it “in the strongest possible terms.”

Goodwin, known for creating the ITV drama Victoria, recounted that she had met Korski at a social gathering, where he suggested they meet again. The purpose of their meeting was to discuss a potential television programme.

According to Goodwin, Korski arrived late for the meeting and made a comment about her sunglasses, likening her appearance to that of Monica Bellucci, an Italian actress in her fifties who had recently gained attention for her role as an older woman in a James Bond film alongside Daniel Craig. Goodwin perceived this remark as “awkwardly flirtatious” and peculiar.

In 2017, Goodwin had previously spoken out about being groped at 10 Downing Street, although she did not name her alleged assailant. However, she decided to identify Korski now because he is currently running to become the “Conservative candidate” for the mayoral race in London. Goodwin expressed her hope that by sharing her experience, she would encourage other women to come forward, emphasising that no woman should tolerate such behaviour.

Korski is one of three candidates shortlisted by the Conservative Party for the upcoming election, where incumbent Sadiq Khan will be seeking a third term as mayor. Korski has based his campaign on utilising technology to enhance public services. In a recent interview, he emphasised his role as a businessman and his intention to prioritise digitalization as a means to improve London.