May 29, 2024

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China condemns the U.S.’s preparation of a trade agreement with Taiwan.

On June 1, China’s government called on Washington to sever all diplomatic ties with the self-governing island democracy that Beijing claims as part of its territory and criticised US plans to sign a trade agreement with Taiwan.

The agreement, which is set to be signed on June 1, comes as China is stepping up its efforts to intimidate Taiwan by flying fighter jets and bombers close to the island, which is a hub for the high-tech sector of the global economy. A show of support for Taiwan’s elected government has brought American and European politicians to the island nation.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry charged Washington with breaking the terms of agreements governing Taiwan, which broke away from the mainland in 1949 following a civil war. While there are many informal ties and significant annual trade between the US and Taiwan, there are no formal diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Mao Ning, a spokesman for the Ministry, said that the United States should halt all official communications with Taiwan, refrain from negotiating any agreements with Taiwan that have overtly sovereign or official overtones, and avoid sending the wrong signals to the separatist forces supporting “Taiwan independence.”

The Communist Party in charge on the mainland asserts that the island must reconnect with China, even though Taiwan has never been a member of the People’s Republic of China. If necessary, force would be used to accomplish this goal. Beijing has vowed to invade if Taiwan makes a formal proclamation of independence or puts off united discussions.

 U.S. And Taiwanese officials claim that the U.S. By making customs, investment, and other rules simpler, the Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade will boost trade.

According to the Taiwanese government, it will be signed by employees of the unofficial organisations that represent the two governments to one another at a ceremony that is attended by trade officials from both sides.