July 18, 2024

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Children were “the first to be killed in Kenya’s doomsday killings” because “they would die faster.”

According to recent reports, children were the first to “starve to death” in the final days of a “Christian doomsday cult” in Kenya. Around 200 bodies have been exhumed from woodlands in the nation’s southeast by police, who are looking into an apparent mass suicide.

According to a former deputy preacher of the group, “Youngsters were executed first, with instructions to fast in sunlight so they would die faster.”

According to Titus Katana, who is cooperating with police in their investigation, men and women followed the suicide plan after them.

He said that the children were allegedly subjected to brutal treatment and were imprisoned in huts for five days without access to food or water.

The cult members allegedly believed that if they starved to death, they would “enter heaven more quickly.”

Official postmortem of some of the bodies on the sizable Shakahola farm, close to the town of Malindi, revealed evidence of starvation, beatings and suffocation.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie is allegedly the leader of a “doomsday cult” that has more than 600 members who are still unaccounted for.

The “Good News International Church” was closed down four years ago, according to Pastor Mackenzie, who is currently being held by the police.

Recently, Pastor Mackenzie refuted claims that he coerced his followers into starving themselves in an interview with Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper.

Mr. Katana, who is also assisting in a police investigation against the pastor, gave an explanation of why he left the cult, claiming that the pastor’s teachings had grown to be “strange.”

In addition, Pastor Mackenzie advised mothers to “forego child vaccinations” and “not seek medical attention” while giving birth.

The fulfilment of “biblical prophecies” about Judgement Day is a major theme in Pastor Mackenzie’s sermons.

The church’s internet content also includes articles on the end of the world, approaching catastrophe, and the alleged perils of science. Additionally, warnings about an all-powerful satanic force that has allegedly infiltrated the world’s highest levels of government are frequently issued.