July 10, 2024

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Whizzles Petcare Introduces Exclusive Wellness Plans For Dogs And Cats

Whizzles Petcare Pvt is India’s first and only pet microchip registry & recovery solution provider for cats & dogs. Started in the year 2014 Whizzles Petcare has dedicated itself to pet health & wellness. As per Statista Research Department,”There are around 17 million and 1.5 million households with pet dogs and cats in India respectively in 2018. The increase in the number of households getting pets had led to a two-fold increase in the value of pet food sales to about 285 million U.S. dollars in 2018, up from 139 million U.S dollars in 2014.”

As pet parents, it’s difficult to deal with the sudden illness of the pets and the rising bills. A systematic and smartly executed wellness plan is the need of the hour and it’s better to rely upon the experts. Whizzles Petcare has launched exclusive wellness plans for cats and dogs to medically cover them for accidents, major illnesses, major soft tissue surgeries, and third-party liabilities. It is the first and only company to offer wellness plans for cats. It offers 5 add-on coverage facilities which is more than any pet insurance company so far. You can choose the blue coverage plan, orange coverage plan, or green coverage plan. These plans cover the consultation fee of a licensed veterinarian, emergency care, surgeries (if any), laboratory tests for diagnosis, X-Rays, MRI, CT scan for diagnosis, hospitalization, boarding charges, legally prescribed drugs and medications, and so on. Likewise, there are different sections that the wellness programs cover, talk to the experts to help you decide better.

Punith Kumar, the Founder & CEO of Whizzles Petcare is an avid pet lover and is passionate to connect pets and people. He believes that “If the fundamentals are correct, then one can use any common elements to grow in life irrespective of the industry.” Being a specialist in the real estate sector and an entrepreneur, he shares his knowledge through his books. 

So, how do you proceed with the Whizzles Petcare Assurances & Wellness plans? Talk to the team and get the quote for the plans that suit your budget and have the coverage that you are comfortable with. Ensure you satisfy the waiting period of 48 hours if it’s an accident case. You can pay your vet bill and make a claim by sharing the relevant receipt with the team. The experts will check the details and will reimburse you respectively.

Your pet deserves care and attention. With Whizzles Petcare, there’s always peace of mind as your pet will get the care they deserve. Visit www.whizzles.in  to know more about pet wellness assurances and wellness plans.