July 14, 2024

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Vipin Bhardwaj is back with “The Mirage” and “Yaaron Ne Dil Tod Diya”

Vipin Bhardwaj is known for his phenomenal acting in web series like Wanton and Crackdown season 1 released on MX Player and Voot, respectively. His song “Yaaron Ne Dil Tod Diya”, featured alongside Dr Elakshi Gupta, was released on November 3, 2021. 

 The song reflects true friendship and gives a profound perspective about relationships in this modern world and poured into the soothing music, directed by Cunal Ranjan, produced and written by Kumaar, sang by Jaidev Kumar and costume and styled by Suman Guha. 

 Furthermore, Vipin Bhardwaj’s web series “The Mirage” will soon be hitting digital platforms. The series, produced by Yashvvi Films, will tell a riveting family story based on a vengeance narrative, and the premise is incredibly unique and novel. This film’s excellent storytelling approach and compelling characters will make it very appealing to moviegoers. The online series has finished filming and will most likely be available to the public in the following months.

Vipin Bhardwaj says about the web series, “The main criteria while selecting a project is the script. I believe content is the king, and nowadays, a project with good content sets the benchmark’. The online series is coming up with a novel concept to attract and captivate people. Vipin Bhardwaj plays the antagonist in the series. Gujjar, a killer from Haryana, will be the name of Vipin’s character, giving Vipin’s distinct choice of selecting the roles.