July 14, 2024

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Vanantara, a conservation-centered community promotes sustainable living

Sustainable living is the need of the hour. With a space like Vanantara, there’s always a brand new possibility of living amidst nature and calling it home. Located between the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka (Hosur), Vanantara is 100 acres of man-made forest that lets people live wild and natural lives with comfort. Vanantara emphasizes conservation and reforestation of lands. It’s a catalyst for a greener future. As a community that cares for the planet, Vanantara is helping people make positive choices. With over 250 species of trees that include fruiting, flowering, medicinal, keystone, and several other varieties, Vanantara leaves a profound impact on the human heart.

Vanantara is a conservation-centered community that fills the gap where humans fail to balance their lives with nature. Varun Ravindra, Founder & the Chief Conservator at Vanantara is a young visionary who quit corporate life to help make the planet more beautiful with every passing year. He says, “The peace of mind and centeredness that we experience in deep nature is unparalleled – the mountains, oceans, and forests have a calling of their own; perhaps it’s something to do with being in the presence of life more ancient than us, or perhaps as advanced as we like to think we are, something within us connects with the environment that all man evolved from. It certainly isn’t a coincidence that the greatest thinkers that we know of, right from the Buddha to Thoreau had their deepest reflection in nature.” Varun Ravindra is one of India’s pioneering entrepreneurs that has built a community that not only helps fight climate change but also promotes and protects biodiversity.

The rising global temperature is a threat to Mother Earth and afforestation is one of the best solutions for it. Empowered by foresters, conversation scientists, conversation technicians, forest workers, support executives, and dedicated marketers, Vanantara has served multiple clients. With amenities like an animal farm, barn, kids play area, outdoor gym, and exclusive walking zone, Vanantara lets you live a safe and comfortable life within nature’s limits. It lets you lead a life where peace of mind and deeper connections with oneself, family, and friends, become a way of being. As an extensive model for reversing climate change, Vanantara promotes afforestation and believes it to be a vital source of oxygen to sustain life on Earth.

With a vision to promote healthy and peaceful living, Vanantara has embarked on its journey of being a change leader.

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