April 24, 2024

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United Laboratories empowers Rural Communities with better healthcare facilities

United Laboratories India Pvt. Ltd manufactures and provides top-notch pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, & Ayurvedic products to the rural communities to improve their lives. As an ISO 9001:2015, GLP & GMP certified company, it empowers the rural communities with best quality products and better healthcare facilities. With a diverse range of products, it has successfully earned a name in the industry and amongst the clients. The management is planning to set up centers where health care professionals can come together and educate the local & rural population of India.

With a vision to be the most admired global pharmaceutical company from India, Rohit Misra, the Founder & CEO of United Laboratories India Pvt. Ltd leads the company. He believes in living a quality life and medical care holds utmost significance in leading such a life. He says, “It started in 2014 when the tribal population of Mayurbhanj district did not have much in their hands with just 90/- Rs as their daily wage. With this earning they could not have afforded the basic sanitary & healthcare facilities. This led to the acquisition of United Laboratories, a 68 years old company from Bengal, to provide cheap and affordable healthcare to the local community.”

With affordable and quality products like Diacom, Clavimix, Cinzole, Ephemix, Pro Protin, Dialiv, Unival, Unizinc, Ulti-4G, Ulti-3, Ultiplex, Ultinose , Ultipep , and so on, United Laboratories is hopeful in creating a better healthcare world. Backed up by a team of supportive and dedicated professionals, the company is collectively moving forward towards its vision. The experts are well-informed and updated in their respective domains such that there’s no mismatch in planning and execution. Rohit Misra mentions that their first priority is to reach out to the rural communities and provide them with proper facilities along with a stress-free environment. Besides, the team will also educate & empower the people about the prevention of various diseases and provide them with a prescription for long life.

United Laboratories is planning to set up manufacturing of various API and lifesaving injectables by 2030. It envisions providing health care services, doctor consultation, diagnosis, treatment, medications & other support services to the people in the future. As a proud recipient of the Noble Contribution to Society Award in 2018 by the Indian Medical Association, Bauria, United Laboratories is inspired to do more and more for Mankind in the healthcare sector.

Visit www.unitedlabindia.com & www.ultilab.co.in  to know more about the products and services.