July 18, 2024

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Tuskmelon moves ahead with a data-driven approach to serve digital India

Tuskmelon is a data-driven digital marketing platform that creates and supports their clients in their journey of brand-building. Being the branding & marketing expert, Tuskmelon creates strategies and runs result-oriented campaigns for the best outcomes. Equipped with profound knowledge of data analytics and driven by market research, several clients have successfully strengthened their online reputation with Tuskmelon’s collaboration. With the world phasing into the digital realm at a rapid pace, firms must adapt their branding activities and strategies to connect with their target audience.

Tuskmelon believes that, serving is far more superior and satisfying than selling.

Tuskmelon epitomizes the 21st century where modern tools & techniques are utilized effectively to deliver the best results to the clients. Shriram Swaminathan – the Founder and CEO of Tuskmelon believes that branding is an art, and only the experts can bring the clients’ vision to fruition. He mentions that strategies and company morale can make or break a brand, and hence every marketing decision must be executed positively & perfectly. Ashok Mohan, Co-founder, and CMO oversees the planning, development, and execution of marketing and advertising initiatives at Tuskmelon. Balaji Perumal – the Co- founder of Tuskmelon heads the operations.

Shriram Swaminathan aptly summarizes Tuskmelon by saying, “We help brands meet connect with people for a Conversation, to listen, and share their true story that inspires a purposeful relationship.”

“We blend our creativity and technology to develop a purpose led, people centric approach to bring a positive difference to businesses and the community around them.”

Whether you are keen on personal branding, product/service promotion, or influencer marketing, Tuskmelon has a solution for them all. Their corporate services include brand identity, brand positioning, brand analytics, content strategy, performance marketing, and anything inclusive in the digital space. Backed up by a team of talented market strategists, data analysts, and content creators, Tuskmelon offers you customized solutions for all your marketing needs. The team brainstorms and works at the intersection of strategy, data analytics, and consumer behavior to curate the best possible content that can drive assured sales conversions. With the help of real-time data and the right data tools, the team decodes the market and curates the appropriate marketing strategies. The professionals also educate the clients and help them make informed decisions.

Personal branding should be available & affordable to everyone. Tuskmelon highlights the significance of your personal aura & how it plays a major role in online positioning by asking a simple question. When your name is mentioned, what do you want people to say?

Influencer marketing is the latest trend and has helped tech geeks, fashionistas, foodies, motivational speakers, comedians, and artists to gain a strong online presence. With the right tools and guidance from experts, you are just a step away from becoming an influencer. The professionals at Tuskmelon will help you establish your brand name, create strong social media profiles, increase brand presence and traffic, better lead generation, and high returns on investment.

Tuskmelon envisions helping individuals and organizations with the right strategies and strong campaigns. With a mission to be incredible in the industry, the team is on its journey to make a difference in people’s lives.

Visit https://www.tuskmelon.com/ to know more about their products and services.