July 12, 2024

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Tragedy Strikes Hawaii Influencer: Husband’s Fatal Act Ends Two Lives

In a heartbreaking revelation, Hawaii influencer Theresa Cachuela, 33, met a tragic end as she was fatally shot by her estranged husband, Jason Cachuela, 44, who later took his own life. The harrowing incident unfolded late last week in front of Theresa’s 11-year-old daughter, adding layers of sorrow to this devastating narrative. Jason’s lifeless body was discovered behind a residence following his suicide, as reported by KHON2.

The unravelling of this tragic tale can be traced back to court records revealing Theresa’s attempt to seek protection from Jason just weeks before her untimely death. Filing for a temporary restraining order, Theresa’s plea was reportedly granted, underscoring the escalating tensions in their tumultuous relationship. The fatal shooting transpired in a parking lot near Pearlridge Center in Waimalu, near Honolulu, amplifying the profound tragedy, as disclosed by NBC News.

People magazine delved into the court records, exposing Theresa’s claims against Jason, alleging he had threatened to end his own life in the presence of her children, even brandishing a knife against himself. A wellness check ensued in the aftermath of this alarming incident, revealing Jason’s subsequent intrusion into Theresa’s home, where he concealed himself in the garage. The couple had previously agreed to a one-year protection order, a testament to their troubled dynamics, with Jason surrendering his firearms as part of the protective measures.

In the wake of this devastating loss, Theresa’s mother, Lucita, initiated a GoFundMe campaign to alleviate the financial strain associated with funeral expenses. The heartfelt appeal on the fundraising page paints a poignant picture of Theresa, affectionately known as “Tita.” Lucita shares the tragic events of December 22, 2023, recounting how Theresa was planning to have Christmas breakfast with her and the grandchildren. Expressing deep sorrow and frustration with the justice system, Lucita emphasises that Theresa deserved better, having made valiant efforts to seek help.

The fundraising plea implores the community for support, emphasising the profound impact of this loss on the family. The collected funds aim to provide some relief in covering funeral expenses, offering a semblance of support during this incredibly challenging time for the grieving family.