July 16, 2024

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The photo series Immortal Love is expected to be launched on World Senior Citizen’s Day

In this 21st Century, defining ‘True Love’ is difficult. Modern love comes with a huge baggage of expectations where the primary focus is on taking and imposing. Such stories either don’t last long or partners drag it throughout their lives because of social taboos associated with separation. Amidst all these stories, Niraj Gera is intrigued by the love story of an elderly couple Ram Dayal Malik (88) & Satyawati Malik (84), who are redefining “true love” for the world. On the occasion of World Senior Citizen’s Day, he has come up with a heartwarming photo series ‘Immortal Love’ that depicts the eternal love story of this elderly couple. The love story consists of 13 photos.

Being inspired by their true story, he decided to move ahead with a dedicated photo article covering their love story & life journey. The couple has been married for more than 57 years yet is very passionate about each other and sensitive about each other’s emotions. Mutual understanding, respect, faith, and dedication are the foundation for their happy & blessed life. Niraj Gera is a social activist, motivational speaker, life coach & art of living teacher apart from being an international award-winning photographer. He is the founder chairman of the NGO “Humanify Foundation” which aims to nurture humanity in this world through various service projects. Niraj believes that service to humanity is service to God. He adds that the world can be a better place if people are kind towards each other.

Ram Dayal Malik & Satyawati Malik are the epitome of selfless love and Niraj’s photo series beautifully illustrates it. In the words of Ram Dayal Malik, “Love is not just about physical intimacy and hugging. It’s also about respecting your partner at home and in public. Such genuine respect gives wings to your love and holds nothing back.” He also said, “Don’t back down if you have to sacrifice anything for the benefit of your partner. Your sacrifice will always make your relationship better”. Niraj has earned a lot of recognition through his previous photo series ‘Sacred Transformations’ and ‘Sacred Stains’ through which he made an attempt to sensitize society towards menstruating women and acid attack survivors. The photo series ‘Immortal Love’ spreads a message about true love and the essence of it for a happy life. Visit – www.nirajgera.com to know more about this photo series.