July 12, 2024

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Solaire Initiative Private Ltd. launches OM-Redox, an oxygen generating device

Solaire Initiative Private Ltd. develops products at the interface of the chemical, physical, and engineering sciences to meet the challenges in the healthcare and energy sectors. It recently launched OM-Redox, a device that releases oxygen when plugged into a power source (standard 220 V source). OM-Redox is developed and manufactured in India based on a patented design and catalyst. It is a lightweight and affordable product that can run with battery backup too.

Solaire Initiative is a part of the Start-Up India initiative and is a certified ISO-9000 company. Prof Soumyajit Roy, the founder of Solaire Initiative believes in the power of technology. He has over 90 published papers and 12 applied patents to his credit. He has pioneered the area of Soft-oxometalates (SOMs) and Polyoxometalates (POMs) in electro and photo-catalysis. He along with his colleagues invented OM Redox, social innovation to ensure that every Indian gets affordable oxygen on plugging and switching a simple device. Prof Roy’s team with Schoefberger lab has been awarded “Upper Austrian Prize for Innovation” for 2021. Prof. Prasanta K. Panigrahi, the director of Solaire Initiative has applied many-body tools to diverse physical problems and in the process has shown an exact equivalence of the interacting Calogero-Sutherland model with free oscillators. Prof. Panigrahi is a member of the National Academy of Sciences (NASI), Allahabad, and the Gujarat Academy of Sciences.

To bridge the gap between the demand and supply of oxygen, Solaire Initiative introduced OM-Redox, an oxygen generating device. It’s an oxygen concentrator with a 3.5 Liters/minute capacity. The purity of oxygen is above 90% even at 3.5 Liters/minute flow rate and is hydrated such that a humidifier isn’t required. It is based on a patented proprietary technology developed by a group of scientists and engineers from the leading six Universities of Europe and Asia. It’s ISO-9001:2015, WHO-GMP, CE certified, and comes with a 1-year warranty. It weighs around 8 kg and has a service life of around 4000-5000 hours depending on environmental conditions. It has an excellent inbuilt battery power backup of up to 4 hours and can also run with an external power supply.  

Supported by industry experts and guided by Prof. Pei Roy, Prof. Verpoort, and Pradipta Kar Solaire Initiative Private Ltd. is on its mission to be the change leader. Through OM-Redox, the company aims to empower poor and middle-class families who cannot afford the price of oxygen cylinders or refilling costs to have a lifetime solution for oxygen.

Visit http://www.solaire-initiative.com/ to know more about OM-Redox.