April 21, 2024

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Smartest building around the world

We all have heard about the big building, grand palaces or confided spaces but have you ever thought about a building which is smart. Yes! A smart building, although a less known term but there are many buildings around the world that are quite smart and intelligent.

What makes a building smart?

A smart building is equipped with energy-efficient technologies and focuses on using cleaner energy resources.

In a smart building providing an eco-friendly and quality life is the priority.

The 5 smart buildings around the world are:

The Edge Building (Amsterdam, Holland)

British rating agency BREEAM rated The edge as the most intelligent and greenest building on earth. It is the headquarter of an Anglo-American multinational company Deloitte which provides a professional service network.

The edge building is probably the most congenial place to work in. If you work here the company knows your schedule and your workplace is completely customized as per your routine and work.

One of the best things about this place is how little energy it consumes. The super-efficient LED panels are great for energy saving. The place is a masterpiece of a vibrant and collaborative work environment along with a high sustainability level.

Capital Tower (Singapore, Indonesia)

Capital Tower, a 52 storey building located at Robinson Road, Singapore. The fourth tallest skyscraper in the city has won the Green Mark Platinum Award for energy and water-efficient ways and astonishing architecture.  

The top floor of the building has a bar, restaurant with private dining rooms, and meeting rooms but only the members has the access to it.

The building is stud with high technology energy-efficient gadgets such as an air conditioning system that retrieves fresh air, motion detectors install in the lobby, and advanced lifts that travel at the speed of 10 m/s. Bathrooms are made to conserve water and windows are double glazed to reduce heat penetration and the quantity of carbon monoxide is also reduced to ensure optimal air quality.

The Crystal Building (London, England)

The Crystal Building is the first building to receive the highest sustainable building accolades, outstanding, and platinum respectively from LEED and BREEAM, the two leading accreditation bodies in the world.

The building exhibits 70% less carbon emission as compared to other offices in the UK. Its annual heating bill is zero and 100% water use in toilet flush is recycled.

With the help of solar panels and ground heat pumps, it generates its own energy and rainwater harvesting is also practiced in this building.

Duke Energy Center (Charlotte, North Carolina)

This skyscraper has bagged the highest green certification: LEED Platinum. The building is highly energy-efficient and it reuses approximately 10 million gallons of water every year. The reused water is harvested from groundwater, rainwater, and HVAC condensation. The reuse water is used for 100% irrigation needs and 80% of tower water needs. 

It also has a green roof with 450,000 LED lights for brightness.

The building also has a roof garden. Roof gardens are very helpful they reduce the wastage of stormwater and captures the excessive heat making the inside atmosphere of the building pleasant.

Glumac (Shanghai, China)

The Glumac is one of its own kind in the continent. The company has recieved many achievements in sustainability and providing quality life to its employees.

This 6,000 square foot Glumac office building is the first LEED Platinum v4 facility in East Asia and probably the most sustainable building in the continent. Glumac was the first company in Asia to pursue the Living Building Certification for Net-Zero Energy, Water, and Carbon.

It has 5 air purification systems and boasts of the best air quality in Shanghai. Green walls also help to filter the outside serious pollution.