July 19, 2024

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Image credit: The Herald

Sienna Miller has reached an agreement with News Group Newspapers on her phone hacking claim

A settlement has been reached between News Group Newspapers (NGN), actress Sienna Miller, and former footballer Paul Gascoigne over suspected phone hacking. They are, however, requesting that a High Court judge rule in their favour in a dispute over the language of a statement that they want to be read to the court.

The couple is among some high-profile people who have taken legal action against the News of the World and The Sun’s publisher. They claimed their privacy had been infringed upon.

Ms Miller and Mr Gascoigne both reached an agreement with the publisher, but NGN objected to the language of a statement they wanted to be read in court on their behalf. Mr Justice Fancourt has been tasked by the firm with resolving the dispute.

Dr Evan Harris, a former Liberal Democrat MP and campaigner, has requested the judge to decide what words should be included in a statement on his behalf.

The claimants’ lawyer, Barrister David Sherborne, told the court that the case was extremely important to them, as evidenced by the fact that Ms Miller flew in from the United States to attend the hearing.

Ms Miller, as well as Gerald Shamash, Mr Gascoigne’s lawyer, are likely to make a statement outside of court later on Wednesday, once the matter has been concluded.

NGN lawyers sought Mr Justice Fancourt to conduct sections of the hearing in private, but he declined, claiming that the claims were already public.

The publisher of the now-defunct daily, News Group Newspapers (NGN), has agreed to pay each of the plaintiffs secret damages as well as their legal fees.

The publisher issued public apologies for the acts of the News Of The World through its legal staff but denied any liability in connection with allegations of phone hacking at one of its other publications, The Sun. Michelle Collins, ex-television presenter Dani Behr, singer Dane Bowers, and former Coronation Street actor Richard Fleeshman have all settled their lawsuits.