July 14, 2024

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Sawaab, a spine-chilling romantic thriller will soon stream on Ramano Digital

Sawaab is an upcoming romantic thriller where suspense, surprise, and seduction await the viewers. It’s a modern-day love story where the lead character Rizwan and Zareen fall madly in love with each other irrespective of their relationship status. Produced by Arunima motion pictures and directed by Sanjay Singh Negi, this web series is a good thriller with a compelling narrative that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. The release date of this romantic crime thriller is yet to be finalized.

The story revolves around Rizwan who meets Zareen on Facebook and eventually falls in love. Rizwan is surprised that Zareen is hitched and he was kept in obscurity for such a long time. Shattered, he chooses to end his relationship. However, Zareen reveals about her unhappy married life and then the emotions she holds for Rizwan. Unable to control their emotions, the couple decides to elope. The suspense begins when Zareen fails to reach the decided time and venue on the day of eloping. Little did Rizwan know that he would lose his love of life forever.  Zareen was murdered. So, who murdered her? Was it her husband Hussen who couldn’t withstand his wife’s affair? Was it Rizwan who pretended to fall in love with her? Rizwan was arrested on charges of Zareen’s murder later on, but is he the real murderer? The later part of the story revolves around the struggle of Rizwan to prove his innocence and find out the real murderer.

Sawaab will be streaming on Ramano Digital once the release date is decided. Arun Kumar Tiwari plays the lead as Rizwan in Sawaab. Born in Katni in Madhya Pradesh, he has worked in crime patrol, crime alert, web series like pyar invisible, jassi king, and so on. Sawaab offers a spine-chilling story and perfect cinematography that’s apt for binge-watching over a weekend. Shot in Mumbai, this web series is sure to give you butterflies in the stomach. Sawaab is a must-watch for everyone who enjoys crime thrillers.