July 23, 2024

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Sanjivani aims to open 500 pharma stores in one year in India

Pharmaceutical industry which deals with the production dealing and marketing of drugs as medications are the new name of profit in business now. With the increasing cases of COVID-19 people have become more concerned and aware of their health. This has developed a mass need for medicines and different healthcare products across the globe.

In India, the pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow to US$100 billion by 2025 and the pharmaceutical market turnover is witnessing new heights. Many old pharmaceuticals company kick-started their drowning business in the pandemic and many new faces see an upsurge in the market. One such pharmaceutical company that shows tremendous growth and has become a familiar name is Sanjivani pharmaceuticals.

Sanjivani is a pharmaceutical retail company. It inhabits different facets of the manufacturing and retailing of medicine and healthcare products. According to its promoter, Sanjivani is the only company in India with a pan India franchise network. It provides ample care and quality to the products and stands high in the pharmaceutical industry in India. It aims to be the biggest franchise network in India in the pharmacy. It deals in a wide range including Allopathic medicines, Ayurvedic medicines, Homeopathic medicines, Surgical products, OTC products, Daily use products and other healthcare products.

Mayank Garg, the founder of Sanjivani started it with a single store in South Delhi which has now become one of the leading franchise networks in India and has bagged many awards.

Sanjivani is growing at pace and aims to open 500 more stores by next year. It is a booming future of pharmaceuticals in India. With a well-managed system, a wide range of products offered and premium discounts on the products it is the leading choice of customers. It aims to launch an app to empower the offline stores of the franchise and expand its reach digitally.

With coronavirus, new problems came for everyone but the experienced management of Sanjivani tackled it well and has accelerated its growth in the pandemic. With the pandemic, new measures are taken and people are more concerned about their health now and this has given chance to Sanjivani to serve its customer more efficiently and with the best quality and wide range of products.

With their booming business Sanjivani aims to grow bigger and bigger and increase its reach to more people providing aid to larger sections of society.