May 29, 2024

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Rebel Wilson’s autobiography release was delayed amidst legal controversy.

Actress Rebel Wilson’s memoir, “Rebel Rising,” faces postponement in the UK and Australia following its US debut, amidst brewing legal disputes and contentious allegations.

Originally slated for release in Australia on Wednesday and the UK on Thursday, the autobiography’s launch has been rescheduled to synchronise with Rebel Wilson’s upcoming promotional tours, now scheduled for April 25 in the UK.

Publisher HarperCollins attributed the delay to aligning the release with Wilson’s press engagements, hinting at the significance of her promotional efforts.

The memoir stirred controversy with allegations levelled against British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, known for his outlandish characters like Ali G and Borat. Wilson’s account in the book accuses Baron Cohen of unprofessional conduct during the filming of the 2016 movie “Grimsby,” now known as “The Brothers Grimsby” in North America.

Wilson recounts her unpleasant experiences on set, alleging instances of derogatory treatment and sexual harassment, with specific references to scenes that left her feeling humiliated and harassed. She likened Baron Cohen’s behaviour to that of a playground bully tormenting a vulnerable target.

Baron Cohen vehemently refuted the allegations, labelling them as baseless and part of a calculated scheme to boost book sales. His legal team has provided evidence, including video footage, email exchanges, and testimonies from crew members, to counter Wilson’s claims.

The controversy escalated when a British tabloid, the Daily Mail, released unauthorised footage from one of the disputed scenes, prompting Wilson to decry the act as bullying and gaslighting.

Despite the legal wrangling, Wilson remains undeterred in promoting her memoir, with plans for a promotional tour across Edinburgh, Manchester, and London in late April, followed by appearances in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne in May.

Addressing the controversy on a US TV talk show, Wilson emphasised that her book extends beyond the conflict with Baron Cohen, portraying it as just one aspect of her multifaceted journey recounted in the memoir.