July 12, 2024

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Prashant Mistry – Your companion in fat to fit journey

Fitness is no longer a choice but must be made a part of our mundane life. With the current sedentary lifestyle, our health has taken a toll on our lives. The increasing work hours, the rising addiction to social media, and the pressure to be a perfectionist leave us with limited time to focus upon our fitness levels. Needless to mention the junk food that we hog upon, is another crucial cause for attracting ailments in our body. The sooner we embrace fitness in our lives, the better it is for us.

Remember the saying “Health is Wealth”! With this mission, Prashant Mistry has chosen to be a physical therapist. He believes in the power of being fit and has trained many celebrities and cricketers. Prashant possesses a diverse background with a track record of providing customized dynamic exercise programs based on individual needs.

What would you do if you were asked to follow a mundane exercise routine? Probably, find reasons to avoid the fitness regime or may discontinue the sessions after a few days. Thanks to fitness coach Prashant Mistry, who feels the pulse of the newbies as well as fitness-freaks and trains them accordingly. Fun is synonymous with Prashant’s fitness sessions. Prashant gives personalized workouts with different kinds of training like Power Yoga, Boot Camp, Strength Training, Functional Training, Motor fitness, Training & Kick Boxing to suit each clients personality & goals. He also takes care of rehab exercises for sport injury, yoga and other physical therapist treatments

With a PHD in physical therapy and wide experience in the fitness industry, his passion for health & fitness is beyond words. He has the knack and expertise in knowing every individual’s requirements. Whether you are a working mom, a full-time housewife, an avid traveller or someone who is struggling with fitness, Prashant has a solution for all. He offers a safe and effective exercise program to keep you fit & healthy. He offers treatments for arthritis, cervical pain, spondylitis, disc prolapse, frozen shoulder, and so on.

Prashant possesses such dynamic energy that you will be motivated and remain glued to his training sessions. Be it burning off your stubborn fat, tightening or toning your muscles, increasing your strength or aiming for a six-pack, Prashant Mistry gives you the right health education with apt fitness training sessions. To his credit are certifications from Domestic as well as the best of the International Institutes.

He is an author of fuel and fuel 2.0 books that revolve around health & fitness. To know more about his achievement in shaping lives, visit https://fitnesstrainerindia.com/testimonials/.