July 19, 2024

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Pokeify hosts webinar on ASCI Influencer Guidelines and Responsible Marketing

 Pokeify is an Influencer marketing platform that connects brands with the right influencers.
It leverages new-age technologies such as social data analytics and AI to help discover, engage and track the performance of influencers for brand campaigns.
It uses Data Science for delivering better ROI and predictability of campaign performance.
Pokeify recently hosted a Panel discussion on Understanding the New Influencer Marketing Guidelines released by The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) and how it helps Influencers and Brands in moving towards more Responsible Influencer Marketing.

The panelists included Manisha Kapoor, ASCI Secretary-General, Juhie Gorwara (Brand, Comms and Digital Head, Philips India), Lloyd Mathias (Business Strategist & Investor), Rakesh Vachher (CEO & Co Founder Pokeify), Abhishek Asthana (Founder Ginger Monkey), Rashmi Chadha (Travel Influencer), Dr.Nimarta Bindra (Mom Influencer), and Abhishek Kar (Finance Influencer).
As per research, Influencer Marketingisexpected to reach $13.8 billion in 2021, and growing at over 30% year on year.
Manisha Kapoor, ASCI Secretary-General underlined the need of having strict guidelines as influencer marketing impacts a huge number of consumers.
Lloyd Mathias, Business Strategist & Investor said that the guidelines are at the early stages of self-regulation and it needs amplification from influencers, brand owners, marketers, and agencies too.

The panel discussed the topic and shared the views around the evolution of content marketing, brands’ perspective and responsibilities in ensuring compliance, various challenges faced by influencers in following the guidelines, how to maintain the audience’s trust while following the guidelines and so on. The webinar ended on a positive note, encouraging brands and influencers to follow ethical marketing practices and maintain transparency.
Rakesh Vachher, CEO & Co-Founder Pokeify, says that most of the developed countries already follow guidelines for social media influencers to bring more transparency for the consumers. In India too, the rise of influencer marketing intensifies the need for having guidelines in place. There is a need to educate both Brands and Influencers to self-regulate in compliance with guidelines.
With the help of the conventional magic of storytelling and modern marketing tools of AI, Machine learning, and Keywords, Pokeify has helped several brands in increasing their brand presence and ROI while bringing more profitable avenues and fan-followers for the influencers. The team envisions redefining and transforming the Social Media marketing space by facilitating brand collaborations with the right Influencers matching with their personas.
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