May 29, 2024

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Image credit: Female Cricket

PCB announces inaugural women’s league to run side by side with Pakistan Super League

The inaugural women’s league will begin on March 3, 2019, at the Pindi Cricket Stadium in Rawalpindi, in conjunction with the eighth Pakistan Super League season, according to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) (PSL).

“My announcement of the women’s league brings me enormous pleasure. This competition will aid in the future development of our current players’ skills and entice young female cricketers to this fantastic sport when they share dugouts with the international players,” according to PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja in a formal announcement, the league will feature present and former trailblazers in women’s cricket in what promises to be an enthralling 13-match series.

The season’s first women’s league final, which will debut women’s T20 franchise cricket, will be a stand-alone match between the top two teams after 12 league games and take place the day before the season’s eighth PSL championship match. There will be games in the women’s league prior to some PSL season eight games, which run from February 9 to March 19.

In order to improve coverage and promotion of this effort, some of the matches will take place prior to the HBL Pakistan Super League 8 matchups. The aim of this event is to strengthen Pakistan’s culture of playing cricket across all formats and genders. We are providing our female players with employment opportunities through this competition, and we are also creating marketable brands to help our cricket business grow, Raja said.

For the biggest reward in domestic women’s competition in Pakistan, four city-based teams, each with 12 local and six foreign players, will compete in the first women’s league.

Our female cricket players will gain more experience as they compete in more demanding circumstances. Giving women more authority so they can shine brighter is something the PCB strongly supports. By involving our women, who make up 49% of the population, we will boost the economic and social success of our country, Raja declared.