July 16, 2024

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Mytsiq Living’s focus on nourishment challenges the beauty care industry

With the blitz of celebrity endorsements, super luxury packaging and mesmerising fragrance, the true nourishment inside a personal care product has been often overlooked. Have you ever given a thought  what goes inside your favourite brand’s hair, skin, and beauty products? Do you know the most popular off the shelf almond hair oil contain only 9% almond oil? More than 77% constituent is what is called mineral oil (a petroleum extract) though not harmful, but also does not have any benefit, nutrition whatsoever.

If you have heard of Mystiq Living, then you know that only 100% purity can provide the right nourishment for your hair and skin. For every single product of Mystiq Living you will find that every single ingredient used is to provide deep nourishment and not just there to add up the volume. If you wish to experience true nourishment as intended by nature, you must try Mystiq Living Originals series of products. These are range of single ingredient products introduced by Mystiq Living in raw and unrefined form. Meaning no addition of mineral oil or any other additive whatsoever. So, when you buy Mystiq Living Sweet Almond Oil, it is 100% sweet almond oil, cold pressed extracted from sweet almond and without any additives or mineral oils whatsoever. Likewise, Mystiq Living Originals is complete range of cold pressed oils, essential oils, body butters, gels & hydrosols, which are 100% Plant Based, in raw & unrefined form.

“Beauty products have been traditionally sold on glamour, nourishment or nutrition value of ingredient is cleverly ignored. At Mystiq Living we aim to change the paradigm for beauty products, so when you buy Sweet Almond Oil you get full nutrition value of pure almonds and not pay for mineral oil. Mystiq Living is and will always be known for 100% Plant Based, Nourishment Focussed Products”. Says Nitin, Founder of Mystiq Living

In addition to Originals, Mystiq Living has two more range of products, Therapy & Specials.

Therapy Series is aromatherapy blends of pure essential oils which work on one’s senses and nerves and bring relief for lifestyle induced ailments like stress, sleep, pain etc. Essential oils used are highly potent 100% plant extracts with therapeutic properties. Mystiq Living Specials Series are ayurvedic products, with recipes taken as-is from ancient Indian Ayurveda and blended with a power ingredient beneficial for a specific skin or hair concern. e.g., For Oily & Acne Prone Skin, Mystiq Living has introduced Clarity regime products i.e., Gel, Mask & Toner that are authentic Indian ayurvedic formulations with Green Tea as the power ingredient which works wonders for acne concern.

So next time when you think of nourishment from inside for your hair and skin, think Mystiq Living. You find Mystiq Living products on all major ecommerce marketplaces like amazon, flipkart and on their website www.mystiqliving.com.