April 24, 2024

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Mr. Beast files a lawsuit against a fast food chain over a disgusting burger.

Renowned YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, widely known as “MrBeast,” has taken legal action against the company responsible for his fast-food venture, MrBeast Burger. The popular YouTuber, boasting an impressive 172 million subscribers, established Mr. Beast Burger in 2020. However, he is now asserting that Virtual Dining Concepts, the entity operating the burger chain, is causing significant damage to his brand and reputation due to the subpar quality of the food served.

In a legal filing submitted in New York, Donaldson contends that Virtual Dining Concepts failed to uphold the standards required for the burgers, citing instances when the food was deemed “inedible.” Consequently, Mr. Beast Burger has come to be seen as a deceptive representation of the Mr. Beast brand, inflicting irreparable harm on both its image and Donaldson’s personal standing. The lawsuit further underlines that the association has not yielded any financial benefits for Donaldson.

Donaldson’s philanthropic efforts and captivating content, often featuring extravagant giveaways and substantial prizes, have contributed to his immense popularity on YouTube. While Donaldson has previously addressed disappointed fans on Twitter and expressed his inability to exit the partnership with the company, he is now seeking legal means to terminate the arrangement.

Mr. Beast Burger operates through over 1,000 “ghost kitchens” situated worldwide. These innovative food delivery services operate out of existing kitchens within other establishments, offering customers a convenient and diverse range of options. Notably, Mr. Beast Burger’s reach extended to London, where burgers were prepared in the kitchen of a distinct burger joint before being delivered to customers in Shoreditch.

In a notable event that garnered widespread attention, Donaldson attracted throngs of fans to a US shopping centre for the grand opening of his physical burger restaurant, marking a significant expansion beyond his digital presence. His YouTube channel ranks as the second-largest globally and the largest among individual creators, surpassed only by the Hindi-language music video platform T-Series.

Donaldson’s multifaceted influence extends beyond entertainment; he launched a philanthropy-focused YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers and operates a licenced charity that functions as a food bank, addressing food insecurity issues in communities throughout the United States.