July 10, 2024

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How the all-women led Wise Owl Learning is building the edtech infrastructure for North East

The North East represents one of the most culturally diverse and naturally rich part of India. It has among the highest literacy rates and strong primary education however the region also suffers from lack of educational infrastructure which has affected the growth of secondary education. As the EdTech revolution sweeps the rest of the country, can this region with its beautiful heritage get access to world-class education using technology.

Wise Owl Learning (Owl), an Impact-EdTech company has stepped solving the problem by digitally transforming schools across Meghalaya, Sikkim, Mizoram and other North-East states. The company founded by the dynamic sister-duo Joyati B and Beas Bhowmik, is on a mission to create equal learning opportunities for every child. The startup is slated to upgrade over 1000 schools this year, reaching 100,000+ students with state of art tech and adaptive learning pedagogy. Beas is a sociopreneur having earlier founded the impact education company, Bhoomi. A JNU post graduate, Beas has over a decade of experience in social entrepreneurship and impact consulting. Joyati is an engineer who graduated from Jadavpur University, followed by a global career in quality systems.

Launched in early 2021, the Wise Owl’s SaaS based school platform Neeve has been digitizing state schools across the North-East while also expanding to other parts of India. Neeve offers an adaptive learning app for students and a full stack learning management solution for teachers. The Owl team works with state governments to build school transformation programs and performance dashboards, playing an enabling role in India’s New Education Policy (NEP). Neeve uses powerful analytics to map the aptitude of every student in state schools, creating state level skill maps that policy makers and administrators can use to intervene and improve the state of education.

Wise Owl also offers a AI powered learning app Skipin for individual learners. The award-winning app is holistically designed to adapt to every child’s learning level and take her through active, hands-on learning with a real-time performance feedback to parents. Wise Owl Learning is projected to have a strong year on year growth, while creating deep impact in the school education sector. To accelerate the growth trajectory, Wise Owl has roped in Rimjhim Ray, co-founder, Spotle.ai | ex-Leo Burnett on the company board to steer growth, market and business strategy. Rimjhim who studied Computer Science at Jadavpur University and MBA at SPJIMR, Mumbai and Imperial College London adds a strong techno-management perspective to the board. The all-women board of Beas, Joyati and Rimjhim are bullish on powering the equal learning movement for every child.

Commenting on the Owl’s mission and their work in building an EdTech infrastructure at North-East, Beas and Joyati said: We are creating a systemic revolution here, using technology + human intervention to make a deep impact. We have built a simple yet powerful connected learning platform that combines learning apps for students with advanced tools for teachers. On one hand our AI powered, adaptive model fills in learning gaps of every child. On the other hand, we are empowering teachers with data-driven student performance, teaching aids in the form of videos and worksheet makers, and seamless communication tools. We want to support the students, educators and administrators to build India’s new-age learning ecosystem.

“The unique data driven approach that Wise Owl follows while building EdTech for state schools is in line with the thrust of New Education Policy (NEP). Our aim is to give students the best of learning and equip teachers and educators with the best-in-class analytics to overhaul the education system in India. With successful introduction in North East, we see a case for taking the affordable SaaS based learning model to rest of India” Added Rimjhim.

To know more about Wise Owl’s SAAS solution transforming education in North East visit: https://www.neeve.io/