July 14, 2024

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How OfficeBing Elevated Workspaces To A New Level For IT/ITes Firms

In today’s world, coworking spaces and serviced offices are thriving. But is a desk and WiFi enough for every business? India’s main cities are gradually developing as IT centres. In 2020, the IT/ITeS industry contributed 8% of India’s GDP. As a significant component of India’s corporate industry, they require a fresh approach to workplaces. And this is what OfficeBing recognised.

“OfficeBing goes above and beyond to provide fully serviced offices for enterprises in the IT/ITes/BFSI sectors. Businesses like BPO and IT require technical support and specialised services. Furthermore, building a new office from scratch may be tough for a small corporation. We recognised that their requirements were significantly different. And it is for this reason that OfficeBing finds them fully serviced offices that are tailored particularly to these businesses.” – Rohit Gawli : Co-founder, OfficeBing

OfficeBing noticed that, despite being such a large business, there was no space provider that targeted especially to the needs of IT/ITes organisations. As a result, OfficeBing established centres in strategic locations that can cater to IT/ITes businesses.

How has OfficeBing created workplaces that transformed businesses for IT/ITes firms:

  • Reduced costs : OfficeBing uses a unique pay-per-seat concept, allowing business owners to have access to all available amenities for the price of a seat. It encompasses a wide range of services required for a company’s sustainability.
  • Complete flexibility: With the developing tendency, these businesses must continually expand. Finding a new location and establishing an IT/ITes office can get difficult. As a result, OfficeBing provides them with total freedom and extendable possibilities from 10 to 1000 seats in the same premises. This makes growth a lot simpler for them.
  •  Zero overhead expenses: Small and insignificant office operations account for the majority of overhead expenditures. And, in a time when many firms are trying to stay afloat, overhead expenditures can be difficult to justify. This is why  OfficeBing handles the overhead, which saves a great deal of money.
  • Hardware & software solutions : Given the importance of this component, OfficeBing offers first-rate software and hardware services. Which are also factored into your per-seat price. With that expense comes data centres which ensures the security and efficiency of data, which is pivotal for IT/ITes/BFSI firms.
  • Inclusive 4 Tier IT support: OfficeBing delivers four tiers of competent IT soldiers to care for each and every employee. And, with the degree of experience that all of OfficeBing’s IT support has, one never needs to seek additional aid.
  • Minimal deposits and flexible agreements: With deposits as little as two months’ rent, OfficeBing has assisted numerous businesses in saving a significant amount of money. The most vexing aspect for a workplace tenant is the rigorous terms. As a result, OfficeBing offers spaces that make businesses feel as though they are in their own property, with the most flexible arrangements.
  • Unique infrastructure and equipment: Sound proof cabins, physical and network separated offices are something that are quite overlooked in the current office market. Hence OfficeBing looks into the exquisite infrastructure that are specially designed  for IT/ITes firms.
  • Additional services: OfficeBing allows users to opt for extra services like recruitment and payroll management. This enables business owners to operate the organisation effectively.

“Our aim at OfficeBing has always been to make business For IT/ITeS companies effective and easy. We are motivated to open flexible office space solutions for IT/ITeS companies across all major cities in India.”

-Rohit Gawali : Co-founder, OfficeBing

OfficeBing has radically transformed the approach to IT/ITes office space. Setting up an IT/ITes office has been much easier thanks to OfficeBing. By far, OB have assisted numerous IT/ITes organisations in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai in obtaining a workspace that provides answers to all of their concerns. And are now aiming to grow their network in India’s key IT centres. If you are from this industry, then head over to www.officebing.com to find your ideal workspace.