July 23, 2024

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Global Etiquette Olympiad Launches Etiquette Studies to Empower Children Between The Grades of 3 to 12

The Global Etiquette Olympiad (GEO) is an initiative started by the International Centre for Etiquette Research to inculcate good etiquette from a tender age. Your child must learn polite, appropriate and considerate behavior that will enable them to form good manners and become all the more socially attractive as they grow. Global Etiquette Olympiad (GEO) aims at providing a structured approach to etiquette that will enrich the life of the learner and empower them to be better global citizens.

Global Etiquette Olympiad (GEO) offers courses for children between the grades of 3 to 12. The courses are well-structured and curated by experts to ensure low cognitive load. Each course is designed with a purpose in mind that exposes learners to new etiquette related concepts which are significant to their life. The team believes that etiquette is a must these days and every child must be taught moral values and discipline from the early days. The courses offered by Global Etiquette Olympiad (GEO) help in a child’s holistic development apart from making them more confident in life. 

The children from grade 3 to grade 12 can register for the courses at GEO. Once your registration is accepted the olympiad assessment will be organized on the online assessment portal. As part of the registration process you are entitled to receive an e-book, e-learning course, sample assessment, olympiad assessment, and e-certification of completion. The sample assessment will help the participant to complete the final assessment without any hitch. Once the participant submits the final assessment, results are likely to be immediately declared and an e-certificate would be provided. The child must aim to complete the assessment within the registered academic year. The registration process at GEO is very simple and the team will assist if you’re stuck.

Global Etiquette Olympiad (GEO) ensures that their courses are pocket-friendly such that it’s affordable by everyone. The product costs Rs.300/- for Indian students and $6 for students from other countries. Having said that, the individuals can also access handbooks, videos, and resources for free of charge. With the current pandemic scenario where the majority of the classes are online, your child must be exposed to etiquette studies. And the sooner, the better! Visit https://globaletiquetteolympiad.com/ to find out how to equip your child with knowledge of international etiquette to help them stand out as cultured and civilized individuals.