July 18, 2024

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Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah Podcast Tops the Podcast Charts

The Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah Podcast is among the top 2.5% of all Podcasts globally and is trending in several countries. Ranked No. 1 Christian Podcast in India, it’s a hub for short Inspirational sermons, Bible studies, Christian Discussions, and Interviews. Globally renowned celebrities like Holly Starr, Andrew F. Carter, Stella Ramola Dhinakaran, and Shruthika Priscilla have appeared as guests on the podcast. The Podcast is available on more than 50 platforms including major ones like Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and JioSaavn. The interviews are available on YouTube as well. 

The Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah Podcast has been servingdaily dose of inspiration to multitudes. John Giftah, the host of the podcast believes in serving mankind and making an impact with our lives. He says, “Living a purposeful life is not the same as living the purpose of our lives. So, every person should strive to discover and walk in the purpose of their life” He is also the Founder of John Giftah International, a Non-Profit organization birthed to help people reign in theirlives.

As an inspirational speaker and life coach, he mentors people in living the life that they are created for. He is an inspirational voice across the globe and connects with people through LIVE and Online speaking engagements, TV, podcasts, YouTube, and other online platforms. He has authored 2 bestselling books, “Who Am I?” which was released in 2017, and “Unveil your Purpose” which was released in 2020. “Unveil Your Purpose” became a #1 New Release on Amazon. 

The Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah Podcast is a beacon of hope, inspiration and guidance to people in their everyday lives. John Giftah shares anecdotes, real-life experiences, inspirational quotes, scriptures and motivational stories through the daily podcast. Topics such as being courageous, overcoming fear and worry, decision-making, having the right mindset, getting clarity in your life, working on your gifts and talents, and so on are covered in the podcast with a lot of inspiration and encouragement. Whether you have unanswered questions in your life or are looking for inspiration or guidance, The Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah Podcast has your answers.

Click https://www.johngiftah.com/ to stay inspired!