July 18, 2024

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Fleets Service Of Twitter Will Be Closed From August 3

Micro-blogging site Twitter has announced the closure of its popular Fleets service from August 3. Along with this, there is talk of introducing a new feature from Twitter. This information has been given by a tweet from the official Twitter handle (@Twitter). In response to this tweet, according to a tweet from the Twitter Support handle, Twitter hoped that Fleets would encourage people to talk more and more. But Twitter Fleets has failed to fulfill its objective. In such a situation, Twitter has decided to discontinue the Fleets service, so that the focus can be on improving other services of Twitter.

We hoped Fleets would encourage more people to join the conversation, but that wasn’t the case. So we’re removing them and focusing on improving other parts of Twitter.

Twitter launched the Fleets feature last year in the month of June 2020. The company believed that this feature would open a new avenue of communication. But within a year, Twitter Fleets is going to be closed. It was launched in India after Brazil and Italy. Photos or messages posted on Fleets were available for 24 hours.

The Twitter Fleets feature was introduced in competition with Facebook’s Story feature and WhatsApp Status. But the Fleets feature of Twitter has completely failed to compete with both the services of Facebook and WhatsApp. For this reason, Twitter has announced the closure of Fleets feature.