July 12, 2024

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FKA Twigs Addresses Calvin Klein Ad Ban for Objectification

In response to the prohibition of a Calvin Klein ad portraying FKA Twigs as a “stereotypical sexual object,” the artist shared her perspective on Instagram, pointing out what she sees as “double standards.” The UK regulatory body, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), concluded that the poster, featuring FKA Twigs in a denim shirt, had the potential to cause offence by objectifying women. The ASA clarified that the image diverted attention from the advertised clothing by concentrating on FKA Twigs’ body, a factor contributing to its decision.

The banned advertisement showcased FKA Twigs in a denim shirt, revealing part of her buttocks and one breast, accompanied by the tagline “Calvins or nothing.” The ASA emphasised that the campaign, by emphasising her “physical features,” portrayed her as a stereotypical sexual object.

Taking to Instagram, FKA Twigs expressed her disagreement with being categorised as a “stereotypical sexual object,” asserting her identity as a “beautiful, strong woman of color.” She drew attention to potential inconsistencies, alluding to a recent Calvin Klein campaign featuring actor Jeremy Allen White.

While the ASA is currently reviewing complaints about ads featuring Jeremy Allen White, FKA Twigs conveyed her pride in the banned photos and extended gratitude to Calvin Klein and photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot. Calvin Klein defended its ad, asserting its resemblance to past UK releases.

In a statement, an ASA spokesperson defended their ruling, underscoring the ad’s irresponsible objectification of a woman. The regulatory body receives complaints, and while it is reviewing claims against Jeremy Allen White’s ads, not all cases progress to a full investigation.

This episode highlights the ongoing discourse surrounding objectification in advertising, prompting a reconsideration of industry practices and standards to foster more responsible and inclusive campaigns.