July 23, 2024

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Finance Blocks appoints Jake Seltzer as Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Jake Seltzer, a Pinnacle Professional in the field of Fintech is now the Chief Executive Officer of Finance Blocks, a micro-banking solution based on the Blockchain platform for Rural Financial Institutions in Los Angeles.

Finance Blocks provides a suite of fintech services focused on improving credit access, transparency, and financial inclusion for the underserved and unbanked global population. After seeing decades long struggle of rural-dwellers in LMIC regions for acquisition of credits for sustaining their short and long-term livelihoods, Founders of Finance Blocks joined forces with like-minded corporate savants from across the world for the creation of a micro-banking solution which is built on the Blockchain platform targeting the stumbling blocks that impede the liberal flow of finances in rural areas.

As CEO, Jake brings over 8 years of international business experience in the fintech industry. He focuses his expertise in the areas of Blockchain; Product Management; Business Strategy; Sales Management; Business Development; Strategic Planning; Sales; Product Creation; Team Building; New Markets; Raising venture capital; as well as integrating technology into financial services. 

Throughout his life, Jake has been motivated by the pursuit to understand more about our world and lifting the socioeconomic of others. Jake values his role as CEO and continues to deliver expert knowledge to help drive Finance Blocks forward. Among colleagues, Jake has been an inspiration- demonstrating commitment, passion, and dedication to helping serve those that are unbanked and underserved.