July 23, 2024

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Dinamic.io introduces a tech-driven new age dining experience

Dinamic introduces a complete suite of cutting-edge solutions for restaurants. It leverages the power of technology and data to offer a contactless and cloud-based restaurant. Empowered by a goal-driven and approachable team, Dinamic strives to do what is best for both the customer and the restaurant owner. With products like Dinamic BOX – Online Ordering Website, the customers can now place orders from the comfort of their homes and with Dinamic CARE – Contactless Ordering Service, customers can scan a QR code placed on the table, browse the menu and directly order.

Customers just need to browse a restaurant’s website and add items to the cart and complete their order. With an apt online ordering system and the best ERP & Inventory Management System, the restaurant owners can serve more customers in less time.

Rian Ozal, CEO of Dinamic believes in the power of technology. He says, “At a time when smartphones have become ubiquitous in our lives, we forget how powerful they are. We at Dinamic believed that our smartphones can be put to better use in the F&B space to enhance the customer experience and remove several bottlenecks plaguing the industry. After several iterations and the R&D process, we landed up with a system with the easiest access to customers with a QR code-based web app where the users don’t need to download any app and can instantly access the menu. We have filed a patent for the same.” Rian Ozal envisions changing the world for the better using the power of technology. With a fully integrated range of products for restaurant owners and small mom and pop bakery restaurants, it empowers them to efficiently manage their orders and boost sales.  Besides, the customers get to feel a new age dining experience wherein they can order, redeem rewards, split bills, and call their vehicle with a single click on their mobile phones.

Dinamic plans to help restaurant owners connect with their target audience and grow their business organically. All data from different endpoints will be fed into a central hub using AI and machine learning and deep analytics about the customer will be shared with the restaurant manager who in turn can use this data efficiently to market their food orders to the right customer.

The management has filed a patent for their contactless ordering platform- Patent no 201841011330 “System and method to use restaurant services”. Visit https://dinamic.io/restaurant-software/  to know more.