May 30, 2024

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Image credit: REUTERS

Chinese President Xi Jinping is scheduled to visit Russia as soon as next week- Sources

As early as next week, according to persons with knowledge of the situation, Chinese President Xi Jinping intends to visit Russia to meet with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Plans for a trip coincide with China’s promise to mediate a peaceful settlement in Ukraine, a move that has been regarded with skepticism in the West because of China’s diplomatic support for Russia.

Mr. Xi has been invited to visit Russia in the spring, according to a January 30 report from the Russian news outlet Tass. A trip to Moscow may happen in April or early May, according to a Wall Street Journal report from last month.

When asked about the probability of Mr. Xi visiting Moscow, the Kremlin declined to comment, and the Foreign Ministry of China did not answer right away.

Given how delicate the subject is, the sources who provided the briefing chose not to be named.

Mr. Putin hinted that Mr. Xi would visit Russia by inviting China’s senior diplomat Wang Yi to stay with him in Moscow last month.

A “No limits partnership” between China and Russia was established in February 2022, just weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine, when Mr. Putin was in Beijing for the Winter Olympics. Since then, the two countries have repeatedly reaffirmed the strength of their relationship.

Mr. Xi has personally met Mr. Putin 39 times since he became president. Their most recent encounter took place in September during a summit in “central Asia.”

Mr. Xi concluded the “National People’s Congress’ annual meeting” on March 13 after being elected as president for a record-breaking third time.