April 13, 2024

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Boris Johnson urges his supporters to refrain from opposing the Partygate investigation results.

Boris Johnson has appealed to his supporters not to vote against a report that concluded he deliberately deceived Parliament. The Privileges Committee’s recommendations, which will result in Mr. Johnson losing his parliamentary pass, are expected to be approved by the Commons. However, several of the former Prime Minister’s allies, including Nadine Dorries, have stated their intention to vote against the motion. James Duddridge, another ally, revealed that he had spoken to Mr. Johnson, who expressed his desire to avoid a vote.

Members of Parliament are scheduled to discuss the Privileges Committee’s findings, which state that Mr. Johnson intentionally misled the House of Commons and committed contempt of parliament. The primary recommendation from the committee is a 90-day suspension for Mr. Johnson, but since he has already stepped down as an MP, this consequence holds limited significance.

The motion could potentially pass without a formal vote if no one in the Commons chamber opposes it when the Speaker seeks approval. Opposition parties, all in support of the report, have the ability to force a vote even if the Conservatives wish to avoid one.

Allies of Mr. Johnson have warned Conservative MPs that endorsing the motion may lead to conflicts with their local parties, jeopardising their candidature in the next election.

Nadine Dorries claimed that the report had exceeded its mandate and asserted that any Tory MP who approves it is fundamentally not a Conservative. Other Tory MPs who support Mr. Johnson have criticised the findings, with one stating that the report was excessively vindictive.

The Privileges Committee, consisting of seven members, found that Mr. Johnson had personal knowledge of COVID-rule violations in Downing Street but failed to proactively investigate the matter. The committee also determined that Mr. Johnson’s statements in the House of Commons regarding adherence to social distancing guidelines were contradictory to the advice provided by officials.

In response to the report, Mr. Johnson denounced the committee as a biased “kangaroo court” and labelled its findings as deranged. Following the draught report’s preview, he announced his immediate resignation as an MP. Consequently, a by-election is scheduled to take place on July 20th in his Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency.