July 13, 2024

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Australia is planning to put a ban on “Swastikas” and “other Nazi symbols.”

The Attorney-General of Australia, Mark Dreyfus, declared on June 8 that the government is planning to ban the Nazi and Swastikas symbols because of a rise in “far-right activity.”

Most of the Australian states have already imposed bans on such symbols.

He continued , saying, “The federal bill would go farther by outlawing the trading in such materials, even though most Australian states already forbid such Nazi insignia.”

“This sort of violent far-right behaviour has become more prevalent. We believe it is time for a federal statute, which I will forward to Parliament next week, Mr. Dreyfus said in an interview with Nine Network television.”

Import and export are under our jurisdiction. We want to put a halt to the trade in memorabilia with those Nazi emblems or any other such objects, Mr. Dreyfus added. “There is no place for the promotion of violence and enmity in Australia.”

Although the Senate is not under the power of the Labour Party government, a ban might pass and be put into effect at some point. According to the statute, violators might spend up to a year in jail for brandishing Nazi emblems.

A number of things would be allowed in, including the display of symbols for artistic, informative, or religious purposes. For those who practise “Buddhism, Hinduism, or Jainism,” it will not have an impact on how they use the swastika.

Mr. Dreyfus, a Jew, claimed that although there were few neo-Nazis in Australia, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, the country’s top espionage agency, had expressed worries about their activity in the previous three years.

He told Australian Broadcasting Corp., “There are very few people here. I’m hopeful it will finally go because it’s becoming smaller.”