July 18, 2024

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Asili by Anika introduces resin art glasses with a twist and a swirl

Asili by Anika maps the customer requirements and curates designs that reflect an individual’s personality. Asili by Anika has recently launched a range of resin hand painted artisanal art glasses which will  bring a smile to your face with each sip. These are Beautiful swirling designs and patterns as well as stone studded and classic gold glasses. Asili by Anika has something to suit every taste and household.  The new range of products at Asili by Anika includes resin art wine glasses, flute glasses, hi-ball glasses, coffee glasses, cognac glasses, cheese boards, coasters, and so on.

Regardless of whether you are hosting a birthday party, an anniversary dinner, a weekend party, or get-togethers, Asili by Anika has products for all occasions. With products ranging from glassware, food platters, coasters, wall clocks and so on,  Asili by Anika adds a tangent of beauty and uniqueness to homes and joys in your everyday activities. The products are handcrafted using resin and other materials to create functional products for homes. There are diverse glass sizes that are designed considering the latest trends.

A home isn’t merely an extension of an individual’s personality but a reflection of one’s purpose too.  ​Anika Khurana, Founder & CEO of Asili by Anika is a creative soul who loves experimenting with different forms of art. “Asili” means Nature in Kishwahili, the native language of Kenya, in East Africa. It is where Anika grew up. With a foundation in textiles and fine arts, she wanted to challenge her creative skills and accomplish something different in the world of art. As an enthusiastic art-lover, she was drawn towards flat and simple glass surfaces and thus the journey of Asili by Anika began. Having studied Textiles in the UK and Fashion pattern cutting in Milan, Anika Khurana loved experimenting with ideas. She ran an export business in Kenya in 2006 in textiles, dealing in exporting the locally loved product Kikoy (beach sarong). In 2020, she began the concept of Asili by Anika with a vision to upgrade your everyday homeware products such as glassware and serving platters with resin art.

Asili by Anika plans to create a larger studio and form a team of professionals to expand and create a larger range of products and reach out to new potential clients. Besides, this will also help in operational efficiency and better product management. Asili by Anika aims to make a difference in the industry, thereby striving for excellence.

For more information check Asili by Anika – https://www.asilibyanika.com/

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