May 30, 2024

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Apart from the banking crises, the United States is trying to create jobs

Despite the fact that the US is facing turmoil in the banking sector and the results of more expensive borrowing, job growth in the US remained strong last month.

Employers are creating 253,000 new jobs, which is more than analysts predicted. The rate of unemployment dropped to 3.4%.

The improvements served as a reminder of the strength of the US employment market, which has endured despite vigorous measures by the US central bank to slow the economy.

“The Federal Reserve” abruptly changed its benchmark interest rate in more than a year, going from near zero to between 5% and 5.25%. This move was made to slow the price increase that accelerated last year at the quickest rate in decades.

These hikes have made borrowing money to grow a business or take on additional debt, as well as the cost of buying a home or automobile, far more expensive. Theoretically, this should lessen demand, slowing the economy and relieving pressure on prices to rise.

However, despite the fact that job growth has slowed since last year, it is still exceeding the amount economists believe is required to keep up with population growth.

According to the “Labour Department’s Report” released on Friday, hiring in February and March was weaker than anticipated. But while wages increased by 4.4% from a year ago, job creation resumed last month.

Due to significant slowdowns in important industries like housing, many experts predict that the US economy will enter a recession later this year.

The rate increases also added to the unrest in the banking industry, which has been shaken by the worst run of failures since the 2008 financial crisis.

Jerome Powell, the chairman of the US central bank, said this week that the country’s labour market’s continued resilience gave him faith that this time would be “different” and the country might escape a slump that would put millions of people out of work.