April 21, 2024

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Amazon trials humanoid robots in US warehouses to enhance efficiency.

Amazon is taking another step towards automation by conducting trials with humanoid robots in its US warehouses. This move, driven by the aim of “freeing employees up to better deliver for our customers,” demonstrates the tech giant’s commitment to streamlining its operations.

The robot under evaluation is named Digit. Unlike traditional wheeled robots, Digit stands on two legs, offering the flexibility to navigate steps and stairs, making it well-suited for Amazon’s diverse warehouse environments. Furthermore, it is equipped with arms capable of moving and handling items much like a human worker.

While this development signifies Amazon’s dedication to automation, it has faced criticism from labour unions for “treating their workers like robots.” Stuart Richards, an organiser at the UK trade union GMB, pointed out that Amazon’s automation has already led to the loss of hundreds of jobs in fulfilment centres.

In response, Amazon contended that its robotic systems have led to the creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs. The company claimed to have introduced over 700 new job categories, particularly in skilled roles that did not exist before. Amazon currently employs over 750,000 robots, which are designed to collaborate with human workers to handle repetitive tasks more efficiently.

Tye Brady, Chief Technologist at Amazon Robotics, emphasised the irreplaceable role of human employees and refuted the idea of fully automated warehouses in the future. He noted the crucial role of humans in problem-solving, higher-level thinking, and decision-making, highlighting their indispensability in the fulfilment process.

The trial involving Digit is intended to assess its safe integration with human employees, marking an experimental step towards potential future use. While Amazon’s commitment to automation remains clear, the company acknowledges the critical role of human employees in its operations.

This development reflects a broader trend in the e-commerce industry, where companies are leveraging advanced technologies to enhance efficiency in order fulfilment and delivery processes.