July 22, 2024

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Image credit: BBC

3m adults in England still have no Covid vaccine

According to research, nearly three million adults in England have not yet requested the COVID vaccine.

According to experts, the figure includes those individuals who might become very ill if they contract the virus.

Most elderly and vulnerable individuals have already received a number of immunizations.

Complete immunisation reduces the likelihood of developing a serious COVID disease, but it can not completely halt infections. In the UK, cases have been significantly on the increase recently.

One in every 25 people, or around 2.7 million people, is believed to be affected.

Due to declining immunity and novel COVID variations, new COVID waves are also being observed in other nations. The virus continues to evolve or change.

A second COVID booster shot is advised for those over 60 and medically susceptible individuals because of an increase in infections across Europe.

In the UK, those over 75 and other high-risk individuals are administered spring boosters.

There have been more and more patients in hospitals in England who have tested positive for COVID in recent weeks, but there are indications that the rate of growth may be slowing.

On July 11, there were 13,336 patients in hospitals nationwide.

This number was last this high in England in late April, and it is quite similar to the peak of 16,600 that was attained during the previous spring wave of illnesses.

Covid limits, according to ministers, could be reinstated if pressure on the NHS increased, but there is no indication that will take place.

The goal is to immunise as many people as possible.

The Public Accounts Committee’s Chair, Dame Meg Hillier MP, stated that “new approaches” were required to address the persistently low uptake seen in some categories.

The group recommended that NHS England set a goal of 500,000 fewer adults who are immunised.

Prior to what might be another challenging winter when other viruses, including the flu, are also spreading, experts have already stated that many people will be offered another booster in the autumn.

According to Moderna, two Omicron vaccine candidates are being advanced and could be ready by the fall. One of them is built around the most recent Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 sub-variants.