April 13, 2024

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19-year-old Iranian girl aka ‘Zombie Angelina Jolie’ jailed for morphed photos

Sahar Tabar 19-year-old Iranian girl jailed for 10 years for posting morphed pictures of herself. The teenager whose real name is Fatemeh Khishvand became viral after posting her pictures on Instagram in which she looked like a zombie version of Angelina Jolie. She posted her images of herself with a gaunt, zombie-like face. She gained around 486,000 followers on Instagram after the pictures surfaced online.

Initially, Tabar was charged with blasphemy, inciting violence, gaining income through inappropriate means, and encouraging youths to corruption but she was later cleared with charges of blasphemy and inciting violence. She didn’t make any comment that time as she was hoping for a pardon. But Sahar has now been charged with corruption of young people and disrespect for the Islamic Republic and jailed for 10 years.

Iranian state TV broadcasted her confession last year and people sympathize with her a lot. The Iranian TV state described her as “a victim with an abnormal personality and mental state” who sought “vulgarity” on social media.

As per the media houses, the medical records of Tabar suggest that she is suffering from mental illness and she has a history of appointments with a psychiatrist. She pleaded for bail in spring as she has got infected with COVID-19. Her health conditions make the 10-year sentence even less explicable.

A local journalist Masih Alinejad has spoken in her support and criticized the government’s decision to put the teenager behind bars for 10 years.

In a tweet, she wrote, “I call on Angelina Jolie to help an Iranian 19-year-old girl who received 10 years prison sentence for using makeup & Photoshop to turn herself into Angelina. The Islamic Republic has a history of tormenting women. We need to be united against this gender apartheid”. She also shared her video along with the tweet where she can be saying raising concern for Tabar’s family and asking for help from popular Hollywood Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie.

“Her mother cries every day to get her innocent daughter freed. Dear Angelina Jolie! we need your voice here. Help us”. Her tweet has got 2.3k likes and 58.9k views till now.
Tabar’s lawyers are now contacting different organizations across the world to save the girl from being detained for 10 years.

Last year an 18-year-old girl Iranian Maedeh Hojabri was arrested for posting her dance video in which she can be seen without the hijab. The girl had more than 51,000 followers on her Instagram account and she posted around 300 dance videos without hijab before the arrest. After the arrest of Hojabri, many Iranian women criticized it and posted their video with hashtags #dancetofreedom and #dancing_isn’t_a_crime.
After the 1979 Islamic Revolution hijab was made compulsory for women in Iran.

Iranian blogger and freedom of speech activist Hossein Ronaghi also criticized the arrest of Maedeh and tweeted her video with the caption, “’If you tell people anywhere in the world that girls aged 17 and 18 are arrested because of their beauty, the joy of dance and accused of the crime of prostitution, and predators of children are free, they will laugh! Because it is not possible to believe it!’

Access to many popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the Telegram messaging app has been blocked by Iran’s government but Iranians continue to use them through proxies and VPNs.